Do you suspect your partner is having an affair?  How can you find out for sure?  Many people will start with a semen detection kit you can use at home. These come in a variety of styles, but the majority look for prostate specific antigen (PSA) or acid phosphatase  (AP).  Both are proteins that are a component of semen.  What the tests don’t tell you is that these home test kits are considered presumptive because both kinds of tests have been found to react to other bodily fluids–both male and female. That means that once you get your results you need to follow up with a certified lab test to confirm you didn’t get a false positive – or false negative – result.

Some kits include what’s called a “black light” or UV light to identify semen stains.  While useful to identify the location of stains that aren’t visible to the eye in regular light, they are the least useful for identifying what the stain actually is.  Lots and lots of substances will glow when you shine a UV light them.   Semen will glow–but so will urine, pet stains, cosmetics, cleaning products, and fabric dyes among others.

A Semen Detection Test Kit from China?scientist with test tube semen detection test

Recently, home test kits have begun appearing that call themselves confirmatory.  They suggest that if you get a positive result on their first presumptive test, you follow up with their conveniently available confirmatory test.  But like most internet sales pitches, its buyer beware.   A confirmatory test looks for a substance called semenogelin.  The company that holds the patent on semenogelin testing is based here in the US.  And they aren’t in those home test kits.  Accurate semenogelin testing must be done by a certified lab with proper testing equipment and experience. The materials are time and temperature sensitive. If not done properly, and the testing protocols aren’t followed accurately, you can get a false positive. Do you really want to trust your marriage and your family to a box from China?

Home testing for semen can be a place to start.  But any results must be followed up by testing done by a certified lab to determine accuracy, so why waste your money? Before you put your relationship at risk, get a test done by a certified lab for accurate, reliable results.  Do not trust your relationship to a box.