There’s an extensive and expensive online market for products that claim they will allow you to pass a hair drug test. Some shampoos and treatments sell for hundreds of dollars. Some websites even list vinegar, acne medicine, and laundry detergent as methods to hide drug use from a hair drug test. But can any of it really work?

    Hair will hold evidence of drug use for much longer than blood or urine and detects a much wider variety of drugs.  Hair drug testing typically goes back 90 days in time, vs a few days or weeks with other tests.  It is also 5-10 times more accurate than a body fluid test. And don’t try to claim you were in the same room with someone doing drugs.  Drug hair testing looks for the drug AND its metabolites, so that story won’t fly either.

    All of these reasons are why hair drug testing has become the go to test for employers. It’s also easier to collect a hair sample, and much harder to cheat your way out of.  And most of the time drug testing is random, so even if you did buy the “pass the test” product, you probably won’t have time to use it before you are tested.   And shaving your head won’t necessarily exempt you from the test.  Body hair can be tested the same as head hair. so a total (and we mean total) body shave is the only way out.

    The simple unavoidable fact is that EVERY chemical you ingest, illicit or not, is circulated throughout the body and can be deposited in the hair’s follicle. It them moves into the hair as it grows.  It’s not on the outside of the hair, which is the only place a shampoo or home remedy goes. Despite their claims, no product penetrates all the way through to the cortex. If you read the really fine print, you’ll find disclaimers stating that no two people are the same and while it may work for one person, it won’t work for the next.  Hair dyes and chemical treatments don’t completely eliminate drugs either, they simply permanently damage your hair.

    So, in the end, you can waste a lot of time and money, but the only way to guarantee you’ll pass a hair drug test (or ANY drug test) is to not do drugs.  Stop all drug use for at least 90 days before you enter the job market. 

    Can you fool a hair drug test? There’s an extensive online market for a variety of products that claim they will allow you to pass a hair drug test. But will they really?

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    What can you learn from hair testing?

    Hair can reveal exposure to toxic heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, drugs, and poisons. Did someone put drugs in your food or drink? Do you suspect you’ve been a victim of a date rape drug? Do you think someone you love is using drugs? Do you think you’ve been exposed to dangerous chemicals or metals in your workplace or home? You can find out with a simple hair test.

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