Is There Something In Your Water?

Are there chemicals or poisons like cleaning fluids, solvents, or weed killers in your water?  We can test it for chemicals and poisons. We need a minimum of 2 Tb or 30ml for testing. $350


We can also test your drinking water for drugs. Prescription, over the counter, and illegal drugs are all part of our drug scan.  We need a minimum of 1 Tb or 15ml for testing. $350


Did someone spit in your water? We can test it. $95

Do you believe your water has been poisoned with antifreeze?  We can test for antifreeze (ethylene glycol) or arsenic for $100. Send us 20 ml (2 Tablespoons) of the water in a leak proof container and we’ll let you know in 3-4 days. If you know or suspect a specific poison or chemical was put in your water, call us. We now offer cyanide testing for food and water for $75!

Print the Sample Submission Form and submit with your samples.

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Is there something in your water?


Do you need drinking water tests for something you don’t see here? Contact us.

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