Food tests for poisons, metals, allergens, drugs and saliva.

Our food can make us sick in a variety of ways.  It can be contaminated with chemicals, metals, mold, or poisons. These can come from the water and soil used to grow the food, from contamination during processing, or be put there deliberately.  Mislabeled food can contain deadly allergens like peanuts, soy, or eggs not revealed to the consumer.  And, sadly, people can tamper with our food.  We have a wide variety of food tests help you determine what’s making you sick.

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If you have reason to believe someone may have spit in your food we can test it for you.  Our saliva test will give you the answers you need. $95

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Mislabeled food can have severe consequences for those with allergies.  Unidentified ingredients like peanuts, soy, dairy or eggs can be devastating for some.  We offer a wide variety of food allergen tests starting at $100.  Call for more information.

Lab Testing - Cremains DNA, Infidelity, Date Rape, Poisons



Could antifreeze, arsenic, cyanide, or some other chemical have been put in your food or water?  We can test it for you. Send us two tablespoons of the food or water and we’ll test it for you.  Results take about 3 to 4 days. $75-$100


Heavy metals occur naturally in our soil and water. And it is usually from the soil and water that they get into the food we eat. Metals from pollution seep into the soil and water contaminating our food. We know there is mercury in some fish, arsenic in rice and cadmium and chromium in seafood. Until very recently commercially grown chickens were fed arsenic laced food which accumulated in the meat. If you have food that you think has been contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, or chromium we can test it for you.  Our heavy metals food test will screen for these 5 toxins and results are usually available within 12-14 working days. $249


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Do you have reason to believe your food may have been contaminated by household chemicals, poisons or toxins? Our unknown chemicals & toxins screen looks for hundreds of common household items like solvents, cleaners, common allergens,weed killers, insect and rat poisons. $485


Lab Testing - Cremains DNA, Infidelity, Date Rape, Poisons


If you believe someone may have put drugs in your food, we can test for those too.  Our unknown drug panel looks for common over the counter medications as well as prescription  and illegal drugs. It even screens for steroids and diuretics. $450