How To Package and Ship Your Sample

How to Mark, Package, and Ship Samples for Infidelity Tests

Sending us your sample is simple.  Just follow these key steps:

  • For your privacy, we do not ship anything to your home.
  • Do not place your samples in plastic bags of any kind. Plastic traps heat and moisture which can degrade any DNA on your sample.
  • Always handle the items with gloves if possible.  Bare skin can leave traces of DNA behind.
  • If you are sending more than one sample for testing, place each one in a separate clean, unused paper bag, envelope, or other paper container and label it with a description of what’s inside. It’s OK to send them to us together in one outer mailer.
  • Always mark the area you want tested. You can mark the area  with a marker or safety pin.  Unmarked undergarments are tested in the crotch area.  If you want an area outside of this tested, you will have to mark it. We will test up to 5 areas on one intact sample per test.  If you want more areas tested, you will need to purchase additional tests. If you cut one item into multiple pieces, each piece will be considered a separate sample. If you have questions, please contact us before cutting your item.
  • Samples marked for return are swabbed for all the infidelity tests so there is no visible damage to the item.  Samples not marked for return will have small areas cut out.
  • Do not send an item that is obviously wet. Allow it to air dry thoroughly before packaging and mailing.
  • If the item is large, like a sheet, towel, or a large piece of clothing, you can cut out the area you want tested. If you cannot cut the sample, make sure you mark the area you want tested with a marker or safety pin.
  • If you are unable to send the garment or item, you can take a swab of the area and we can test it.
  • Do not mail an envelope with a loose swab inside.  Always put the swab in an envelope or paper wrapping inside the outer mailing envelope.
  • Fill out the Sample Submission Form​ and return with your item(s). We will not begin testing until we have a signed form.  The person who places and pays for the order must sign the form.
  • If you put an email address on your sample submission form, we will send you a delivery confirmation email when your package arrives.  If you do not want this email, please let us know on the form.

We accept delivery from all carriers.  We strongly recommended that you get a tracking number or the delivery confirmation option for your package when you ship. Ship your samples to Private Lab Results, 8900 Viscount Blvd, AN 142, El Paso Texas 79925. Still have questions?  Contact us or call 915-407-6224.

Cremated Remains

The United States Postal Service is the only US carrier who will knowingly ship human remains.  They require they be shipped Priority Mail Express overnight. When you purchase a cremated remains test from Private Lab Results, we will send you instructions on how and where to ship. 

Importantly, cremated remains should be shipped in packaging that will not allow the ashes to leak or sift out. Here are the USPS instructions for packaging the remains:

There are specific requirements for preparing, packaging, and shipping human or animal cremated remains. The Postal Service is here to help you understand how to meet these requirements and take the necessary steps to protect this special mailing. By following these requirements, you can be confident that you have done everything you can so that your loved safely.
Packaging  Choose A Container
There are many options available to store cremated remains — from simple wooden boxes to decorative urns. However, if you plan to ship the cremated remains, you will need to have padding and two containers — an inner container and an outer container:
Your Inner Container
We recommend that you consult with a licensed funeral director to help you select the best container. This will be helpful especially if you have plans to divide the remains among family members.
The inner container must be strong and durable and be constructed in such a manner as to protect and securely contain the contents inside and it must be properly sealed so that it is siftproof. A siftproof container is any vessel that does not allow loose powder to leak or sift out during transit.
For international shipments, the inner container must be a funeral urn. While not a requirement, the Postal Service recommends that you PUT THE SIFTPROOF CONTAINER IN A SEALED PLASTIC BAG. Use Padding to Protect Your Container. If you are shipping cremated remains in a decorative vessel or urn, use proper padding to keep the container stable and prevent breakage due to
processing and transportation. For example, wrap or cushion the container with:  Foam peanuts, or Air bubble wrap.
Your Outer Container
The outer container must be strong, durable, and siftproof. We recommend that you line the shipping box with plastic or other material that will prevent leakage in case of damage. Insert your inner container into the shipping box and add padding to the bottom,
sides, and top to prevent movement. Make sure there is no movement of contents within the shipping box. Before closing and sealing the shipping box, add a slip of paper with both the sender’s and addressee’s address and contact information inside the box. If, for
any reason, the address label on the box is obscured or lost, postal employees will still be able to identify the sender and receiver of the package. We recommend you use a Priority Mail Express box. The Postal Service offers the boxes free to customers who use Priority Mail Express service. Clearly Identify and Mark the Contents To make sure the Postal Service can identify your loved one’s cremated remains during processing and transportation.