Know for sure. We offer 3 discreet infidelity tests.

Semen Detection Test – When you only need to know if semen is present

DNA Detection Test – Is DNA present? Is it male or female?

DNA Detection & Comparison – Submit a cheek swab and compare your DNA to the DNA on the item submitted




Semen Detection $65

DNA Detection $150

DNA Comparison $289

If you just need to know if semen is present on an item:

Send it to us and we’ll let you know. Our semen detection test has results available in 2 business days for only $65. Click here to learn how to submit your item for semen testing.

 Do you only need to know if male or female DNA is present?

Just  send the item you want tested to us. If there is enough DNA present for testing we can determine if it’s male, female, or both. It normally takes our lab about 8-10 business days to do the DNA detection testing. You’ll receive a report listing all the DNA found and the gender. We can email, mail, or call you with the results. Do you have a large item you want tested, like a sheet or towel? You can cut out the portion you want tested and send it in to us.  Do you want the item being tested returned? We can do that, too. Only $150.

If you suspect an affair but you’re not sure?

You can eliminate all doubt with our DNA detection and comparison test. Send in the item with the suspected semen or other biological material along with a sample of your DNA-a simple cheek swab-and we can compare the DNA profiles. Our test will show whether male and/or female DNA is present and compare it with yours. You’ll receive a report listing all the DNA found, the gender, and whether any of the DNA matches the sample you’ve sent.  We can email, mail, or call you with the results. Our $289 DNA Detection and Comparison test will compare one item to one cheek swab and we will have an answer for you in 8-10 business days. Read here how to package and submit your item for testing.

Do you need to know if saliva is on a garment or object? 

Our saliva test will detect an enzyme that only exists in human saliva. The test is specific and won’t react to blood, semen, urine, vaginal secretions, or animal saliva. If you want to know if saliva is present our test will have your results in 5-7 days for $95.

You can order the test you need by clicking the “order now” button under the test you want. If you don’t want the charges to appear on your credit card statement, you can send a money order, check, or cash with your samples.  Fill out the sample-submission-form and send it with your samples.  It’s that easy.

What kinds of things can be tested?

Undergarments are the best place to start when looking for items for infidelity tests. However there’s also clothing, linens, upholstery, and carpet. Items used to clean up after sexual activity such as tissues, washcloths or wipes may have biological evidence that can be tested. Feminine hygiene items such as tampons or pads can hold signs of sexual intercourse. A woman can have discharge of seminal fluid for up to 10 days after sexual contact. Condoms will hold obvious evidence inside, but will have evidence on the outside with the other partner’s DNA. And even when a condom is used, seminal fluid can be left behind in the vagina which can be detected on undergarments, tampons or pads.

Almost any item can be used for testing as long as it has been handled and stored properly. Always handle the item while wearing gloves if possible. Items need to be kept dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight. Store items you are considering for testing in a paper envelope or paper or cloth bag. Protect the item from contaminates like dirt, cleaning products and chemicals. Storing items in plastic traps heat and moisture which can degrade the DNA making it unusable for detection or comparison.

Some other examples for testing are:

  •    Clothing
  •    Linens
  •    Sheets
  •    Feminine hygiene products
  •    Sex toys
  •    Tissues with semen or suspected fluids
  •    Razors, electric or disposable
  •    Diabetic test strips
  •    Used Q-tips

Hair  Hair can be submitted as long as the follicle, or root is still attached. Generally, hair from a brush or comb will not have the root still attached. Hair has a 60% or less success rate for providing usable DNA.

Envelopes or stamps Generally speaking these are NOT good sources of samples for testing. The adhesives tend to make DNA collection difficult. Also you cannot always be sure the person used saliva to moisten the envelope or stamp vs water. These items have a 60% or less success rate for providing usable DNA.

Chewing gum is an acceptable source of DNA if it hasn’t been contaminated. Do not touch the gum with your fingers. Sugar free gum is better than regular gum. Gum has a 60% or less success rate for providing usable DNA.

Toothpicks or dental floss Again, as long as they haven’t been exposed to contaminating agents and you have enough to submit, a DNA profile can be obtained. Usable DNA is obtained from these items 60-90% of the time.

Used tissues  A tissue, napkin, or paper towel that someone has used to clean up with after sex or blown their nose on can be a source of comparison DNA. Usable DNA is obtained from tissues, napkins, and towels 90% of the time.

Used Q-tip  Swabs that have been used to clean ears, or that have blood or other biological fluids can be used to find DNA. Ear swabs have a 60-90% success rate for obtaining DNA.

Cigarette butts Cigarette butts may be submitted if they haven’t been exposed to contaminates like cleaning fluids or chemicals. A cigarette that has been lying outside on the ground will likely be contaminated, or the exposure to the elements will have degraded any DNA present. Between 60% & 90% of the time DNA is obtainable from the butts.

Toothbrushes A toothbrush can be good sources as long as they haven’t been exposed to potential contaminates like soap or other cleaning fluids. Getting DNA from a toothbrush has a 90% success rate.


While not difficult, there is some special care that needs to be taken when handling items you want to send us for DNA testing to help guard against contamination. Click here for instructions on submitting a sample.

Don’t see the item you want tested on your list? Can it still be tested?

Our lab routinely handles a wide variety of unusual samples.

Contact us 1-800-908-9117 to discuss the specifics of your case.

Infidelity Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve found unexplained stains on underwear/boxers/panties. Now what?

Handle the item as little as possible, place in a paper- NOT PLASTIC-bag and send to us. We offer a variety of testing options. Click here to learn how to submit an Item for Infidelity Testing.

What if I need to send sheets, towels, or an item I know I’ve used also? Can you still test it?

Yes. If you’ll send a sample of your DNA with the item (cheek swab), we can do testing to confirm whether the DNA present belongs to you or some else.

I think my spouse might be having a homosexual affair. Can you tell if the DNA is male or female?

Absolutely. If there is enough genetic material to test, the distinction can be clearly made.

I think my spouse may have been having oral sex. Can you tell?

We can test for DNA and saliva.  If biological material is left behind on an item, we can test it.

I think I know who my spouse is having an affair with, but I want to confirm it.

If you can provide a DNA sample of a known person, we can compare the profiles for a match.

I’ve found a suspicious stain on his/her favorite underwear. I can’t send them to you without them noticing. Is there any other way to test?

Yes. There is a procedure for sending a sample of the stain without having to send in the garment. You can still get the answers you’re looking for. Click to learn how to gather a swab sample from a stain.

How do I know if the stain is dried semen?

Dried semen forms a hard, white crusty residue. If the item it’s on is white it may not be readily visible.

Can a stain be too old to test?

As long as the item hasn’t been laundered and has been stored at normal room temperatures it can be testable for months to years.

Will the semen detection test work if he’s had a vasectomy?

Yes. Our test looks for PSA- prostate specific antigen- not sperm.  It’s a protein produced by the prostate gland and can be detected even if a man has had a vasectomy.

I found a glass/soda can/bottle that I think may belong to someone else. Can you test that?

Yes. Handle the item as little as possible and send it to us. If you send your DNA for comparison, we can test to see if it belongs to someone else, male or female.

I want to stay anonymous. What information do I have to provide when I place my order?

Enough information will need to be provided to allow the credit card you will be using for payment to be processed. When you place your order online you’ll be assigned a case number that will be used for tracking purposes. We understand that the billing information may not be the same as the information for the person submitting the items for testing, so when you send in your items, we ask that you put the case number on your test request form so we can match it up with your payment. If you choose to remain anonymous you may use the case number instead of your name on the form.

Will I get the clothing I send in for testing back? Will it be wearable/usable?

If you’d like the item back when testing is complete there is a $30 handling/return fee.

I think my partner’s been using my sex toys with someone else. Can you test those?

Yes. You can send the entire item in for testing, or take a sample swab and send that. You’ll want to make sure and send in a sample of your DNA for exclusion.

I’m pretty sure he/she’s having an affair, but have never found any obvious stains. Is there any way to test for DNA?

Sure. Just because you don’t see an obvious stain doesn’t mean there isn’t something there. A UV or black light can be helpful in detecting stains that are invisible in regular light. And you can still send in an undergarment or other item that you feel might have signs of sexual contact for testing for presence of semen, saliva, or DNA. If another person has handled the item there can be skin cells  left behind that can be tested.

What’s the best sample for me to send to compare DNA for a test?

A buccal swab, or cheek swab, is the best. It’s easy and painless. Click here to view how to take a cheek swab.

How long will it take to get my results?

Generally it takes 10-12 business days for a DNA detection test and 12-14 business days for a DNA comparison test.

If I change my mind about the test can I cancel my order?

Because of the expense of laboratory testing Private Lab Results does not issue refunds.

How will I get my results?

Most people want their results in an email, but we can contact you any way you prefer. Just let us know when you order your test.

I’ve found a suspicious stain on the car seat. Can you test it?

Yes. You can either remove the section with the stain, or take a sample swab and send it to us. Click to learn how to gather a swab sample from a stain.

How can I pay for my test?

You can place your order through our order system here, by clicking the ORDER NOW button under the test you want above, or you can send payment along with your item.  Online and credit card orders will appear as PLR on your credit card statement.  If you do not want the charge to appear on your credit card, you may send a check, money order, or cash with your payment.  Make checks and money orders payable to Private Lab Results.