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We know these are painful questions that need reliable answers. Get the certified, accurate lab testing you need–now!


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Semen Detection Test

Have you found a suspicious stain? Our semen detection infidelity test can get you the answers you need.  Don’t trust your most important relationship to a boxed test.  Get accurate, certified lab results you can rely on in 5-7 business days. We do not send anything to your home–this is not a home test kit.


DNA Comparison Test

Is DNA present?  Is it yours? Our DNA Comparison Test can tell you if the DNA found is yours, giving you definitive proof of infidelity in 8-10 business days. We do not send anything to your home–this is not a home test kit.


DNA Detection Test

Is DNA present on your item? Is the DNA present male or female? Is more than one person’s DNA present? Get the reliable, lab certified answers you need in 8-10 business days by sending in your sample.  We do not send anything to your home–this is not a home test kit.


Test for the Presence of Blood

Does a stain contain blood?  We can test stains with our conclusive positive/negative test.  Get results in 8-10 business days. This is not a home test kit.


Saliva Detection Test

Is saliva present on an item you have? You can find out in 8-10 business days with our saliva detection infidelity test. We do not send anything to your home–this is not a home test kit.


High Quality Tests

We only work with the best in the business. Our DNA lab uses state of the art testing equipment that reduces risk of contamination and human error while still allowing for fast turnaround.

These are not home test kits–we will not send anything to your home.  We’re sorry, but our infidelity tests are not available to residents of the state of New York.

Ribbon Icon Representing Lab Accreditation

Accredited Labs

We only use accredited forensic testing facilities.   Our infidelity test labs are reviewed and re-inspected annually to assure they are maintaining the highest quality standards using the best equipment.

These infidelity tests are not available to residents of the State of New York.

Expert Care

Our labs are staffed with DNA testing experts and have over thirty years of experience in infidelity testing, working strictly within DNA Advisory Board guidelines.

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Your Privacy Matters

We understand your need for privacy and discretion when it comes to testing for infidelity. You need only provide as much personal information as you are comfortable.

Infidelity Test Questions You May Have

Which Infidelity test do I need?

The Semen Detection, Saliva Detection, and Blood Detection Infidelity tests are positive/negative tests.  They will tell you if the substance is present on your sample.  And, this may be all you need to know to answer your questions.  However, if you are a man wanting to know if the semen is yours, or a woman wanting to know a stain contains another woman's DNA, you'll need to do a DNA Comparison test and submit a sample of your DNA as a cheek swab.

If you only want to know if male, female, or a mixture of DNA is present on your sample–you want the DNA Detection Test.

If you want to wait and get the semen detection test results first, then decide if you want or need one of the DNA infidelity tests, that's OK.  All the infidelity test samples are kept for 60 days after the results are issued, so you have time to decide if you want further testing, or if you have all the answers you need.  If you decide you want one of the DNA infidelity tests after you get your results, you will be given a discount code for $25 off any DNA Detection or DNA Comparison test--just contact us and we'll walk you through the process.

If you are still not sure which one of the infidelity tests you need, call us at 915-407-6224 or send us a  and we'll assist you in selecting the appropriate test for you needs.

If you think there is a chance you have left your DNA on the sample by handling the area to be tested with your bare hands, we recommend you order the DNA Comparison Test and send a cheek swab from yourself.  This will eliminate you as a contributor to any DNA that may be found.


Do I need Autosomal or Y-str DNA Testing?

What is Autosomal and Y-str DNA?  Which do I need?

Autosomal DNA is the DNA from the 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes. Autosomal DNA is inherited from both parents. Therefore, an autosomal DNA test may be taken by either a male or a female.

Y-str DNA is taken from the Y-chromosome. The Y chromosome is only found in males, which are only passed down by the father, making the Y chromosome in any paternal line practically identical.

Which do you need?

If you are only interested in determining if male DNA is present and if it's a match to your sample the Y-str test is preferable UNLESS you suspect the DNA present may have come from a direct male relative.  This test is able to detect male DNA in cases where an Autosomal test will not, but cannot distinguish between a father, son, brother, uncle, etc.

If you suspect a direct male relative, or are looking for multiple female DNA profiles, the Autosomal test is preferable.  This test will detect both male and female, but isn't as good at detecting small amounts of male DNA.

If you aren't sure, please reach out to us at or call 915-407-6224.


What can I send to be tested for proof of infidelity?

We can test almost anything for signs of infidelity: clothing – sheets – towels – sanitary pads – tampons – tissues – sex toys – condoms.  If you have something you want tested with one of our DNA infidelity tests but aren't sure about sending it check out the list below, or call us at 719-686-6980.  Have you found a stain on furniture, a car seat, or an item that would be missed?  If you have a suspicious stain you would like tested but can't send the item, you can send a swab of the area instead.  The instructions are here.

If you want to send an item for Infidelity DNA testing please note:

Items with a 90% or higher success rate of obtaining DNA:  Fresh semen on swab or fabric (if no vasectomy), mucus/sputum on tissue, napkin, etc, toothbrush

Items with a 60-90% success rate:  blood stain on fabric, tissue, gauze, etc., saliva stain, fingernail clippings (5-10 clippings), diabetic test strips (multiple strips recommended), ear swabs, cigarette butts (multiple preferred), tampon/feminine pad, drinking straw, dental floss

Items with 60% or less success rate:  hair (roots must be visible, 7-10 hairs needed), razor, comb/brush, chewing tobacco (less than three days old), jewelry, chewing gum (sugarless preferred), soda can/drinking glass, clothing (hats, bandannas, clothing worn next to skin) envelope flaps/stamps, condom


Will a vasectomy affect the test?

A vasectomy will not affect the ability to perform a semen detection test.  Our test looks for a protein that is present whether or not a man has had a vasectomy.  It can, however, affect the DNA infidelity tests.   DNA is present in highest concentrations in the sperm cells, so an absence of sperm can mean that no DNA will be detected.  DNA can also be found in skin, blood, or tissue cells that might be in the semen.  So while detecting DNA in semen from a vasectomized male is unlikely, it's not impossible.

How do I get started?

You can pay for the infidelity testing you need through the website by adding the test to your cart and checking out with your credit card. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.  Enter the order number on your Infidelity Sample Submission Form.  The charges will appear on your bank statement with our name and phone  number.  Once we get your sample, we'll send you an email to let you know it's arrived and testing has begun.  When your results are ready, we will send them to you in the manner you've indicated on the Infidelity Sample Submission Form.

If you do not want to use a credit card, you can send in a check or money order with your samples when you mail them to us. Make them payable to PLR or Private Lab Results.  When we receive your package, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number.

All our tests are done by trained technicians in an AABB, A2LA and CLIA certified lab. These are not home test kits.  We do not send anything to your home.

Please review our instructions for marking, packaging, and mailing in your sample.

For all the tests, print the Infidelity Sample Submission Form, fill it out and send it back in your package.  We will not begin testing without the signed form.

Mail everything to Private Lab Results, 8900 Viscount Blvd,  AN 142, El Paso Texas 79925.


How old can a sample be?

A woman can discharge fluids from sexual activity for 5-7 days. How long you can detect any semen in the discharge depends on how the item has been stored. For semen detection testing, as long as the item hasn’t been laundered and the stain is still visible it can be testable for years.

DNA can also last for years as long as the item has been kept dry, and stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and direct sunlight.  Never store samples for infidelity tests in a plastic bag.  Plastic traps heat and moisture which can degrade the DNA making it more difficult to get a complete DNA profile.

Can I get my sample back?

Sure.  Just add the sample return to your order at checkout.  You only need to add it once no matter how many samples you have.  If you want to wait and get your test results first, that's OK.  All samples for infidelity tests are kept for 60 days after the results are issued if you don't add the return to your initial order.  You can decide you want the sample returned or if you want further DNA or other testing at any time during that period.  Just contact us and we'll help you arrange it.  All returns are processed on the 1st and 15th of the month.

Can My Results Be Used in Court?

Chain of custody refers to the paperwork trail documenting the way a sample is collected and handled throughout the entire infidelity testing process. Since you will be collecting the samples yourself and submitting them privately, you will not have a strict chain of custody and the test results you receive will be noted as "informational only". Strictly speaking, for results to have a strict chain of custody, the samples must be collected by an unrelated third party such as a hospital, clinic, ME’s office, funeral director, law enforcement, etc. For obvious reasons this rigorous identification and handling procedure is not always going to be possible with infidelity testing.  Courts and legal official know this, and the weight an agency will give the results is up to the agency.

What Our Customers Say

I didn’t know anything about infidelity tests until I called and talked to you guys.  Now my mind is at ease knowing my wife isn’t cheating on me and I can get through my day without constant worry.  Thanks!

Luis G

My boyfriend kept accusing me of cheating when I wasn’t.  I finally sent in a pair of my own underwear to prove to him that I hadn’t been with another man.  It was a far stretch to go, but now he believes me when I tell him he’s the only one.

Carolyn P.

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