Everyone is staying home and people are becoming more alert to their partner’s digital habits.  Is your partner always on their phone?  Who are they talking to?  Are they having a digital affair? There’s no doubt social media sites like Facebook, BeNaughty, CoverMe, and Snapchat have made finding a secret partner easier.  However, they’ve also made it easier to get caught. Do you know the signs of a digital affair?  The lockdown is forcing cheaters to move their in person affairs online.  Some are using the time to find someone interesting and getting to know them online in anticipation of real life encounters when the lockdown is over.

Does he immediately close his laptop when you walk in the room?  Is she secretive or dismissive about whose she’s messaging? Increased phone or computer usage can be a sign of cheating, especially if they seem to be trying to hide how much time they are spending online. Has she stopped posting photos of the two of you?  Only putting up photos of herself can be an indicator she wants the world to think she’s single.  Are the photos of her at parties or events you didn’t know about?  It’s another sure sign you’re being cut out of her loop. Has he stopped liking or commenting on your posts?  Is he deleting your comments or likes?  While you can’t expect a response to everything, complete social media withdrawal is a sign he’s distancing himself, and perhaps having an affair.

While no one post or comment means your partner is a definite sign your partner is cheating, keeping an eye on social media habits is important in measuring a relationship. In a survey of 2,400 UK adults, 23% found out their partner was cheating when they sneaked a look at their Facebook page. In fact, 33% of UK divorces cited Facebook as a contributor to the breakup.  woman with cell phone social media infidelity In the US divorce attorneys agree that social media has increasingly played a part in marriage breakdowns. In 2010, 81 percent of divorce attorneys surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers said they’d seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence in the five years prior. The attorneys also said Facebook was the number one source for finding online evidence, with 66 percent admitting they’d found evidence by combing the site.

If you think your partner is on the road to a digital (or real life) affair, you can take action.  Talk to your partner about your concerns.  Communicate openly and honestly.  Share your hopes and dreams about the future you will share together.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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