Marijuana is now legal in some form in 33 states.  While the case is still up in the air whether or not this is beneficial for humans, it’s definitely not good for our pets.  Marijuana is toxic to dogs. Even inhaling THC exhaled by someone else could lead to complications for your dog.  Contrary to popular belief, animals don’t get “stoned”—they get poisoned. Symptoms can range from vomiting, sleepiness, excessive salivation, and low blood pressure to coma and even death. In fact, the Pet Poison Hotline has reported an increase of 448% in cases of marijuana poisoning in pets over the past six years, with most of the cases involving dogs or cats who ate marijuana-laced food products.  As the pot strains become stronger and stronger, the danger to animals gets worse.  Add this to the fact that lots of edibles have ingredients like chocolate that are already dangerous for animals and you have a double dose of danger.

Protect Your Pet

If you have weed products in your home, especially tempting edibles, keep them out of reach of pets. Lock them away when they’re not in use if you have to. We all know dogs and cats can find ways of getting to whatever they think is a treat. You know your animals and what they can do.  Make sure your veterinarian is aware that you have marijuana edibles in your home.  This way if anything happens, an accurate diagnosis can be made quickly.    A vet’s priority is treating the sick animal, not punishing the owner.  And be alert when walking your pet.  Many dogs appear at emergency clinics after eating something they’ve found on the ground or in the trash.  In Vermont, dogs were getting sick after eating pot laced poop!

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Do you think your dog or cat was poisoned?

If you have reason to believe that your pet was given a poison, chemical or drug, we offer several pet poisoning tests that can help you find answers.

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