Pet Poisoning Tests

Has your pet been poisoned?   Whether intentional or accidental, we can help you determine what’s made your pet sick. If you have reason to believe that your pet was given a poison, chemical or drug, we offer several pet poisoning tests that can help you find answers. Questions? Check out our FAQ, contact us here, or call us at 800-908-9117.

Was your dog or cat intentionally poisoned?

  • Was your home recently broken in to? Burglars commonly poison animals that alert their owners or neighbors of intruders.
  • Are you or a family member going through a divorce, break up, or separation? Sadly, estranged partners will sometimes kill a pet for revenge.
  • Has a neighbor or landlord made threats to do harm to your pet? Unfortunately neighbors have been known to  poison pets they don’t like.
  • Has your pet recently visited a park? Recently there have been reports of pet poisoning across the US in public and dog parks

Was your dog or cat accidentally poisoned?

  • Do you own these plants like tulips, azaleas, rhododendrons, daffodils, or sago palms?
  • Do you use these over the-counter medications like herbal supplements, Naproxen, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen.
  • Do you use these prescription medications such as blood pressure, anti-inflammatories, or antidepressants?
  • Have you recently given your pet any flea and tick products, painkillers, or de-wormers?
  • Have you recently spilled or used bleach, pool chlorine, antifreeze, paint thinner, insecticides, lawn and garden products, or rat and mole poison?
  • Have you given your pet any Macadamia nuts, artificial sweetener Xylitol, onions, guacamole, garlic, chocolate, caffeinated coffee, alcohol, grapes/raisins?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you test?

Did you find an empty food can or partially eaten food?  If so, we can test it for a variety of drugs or chemicals and poisons. Or do you think someone put something in their water? If you have some left we can test it. To test leftover food we’ll need 60ml or about 1/4 cup.  If you think the poison was in the water, we’ll need 15ml or at least a tablespoon.

We can also test for 4 commonly found heavy metal poisons or toxins-arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium.  Pets may be exposed to heavy metals in a variety of ways. They can eat chips of lead-based paint or inhale the lead based dust. Also, they can get into garbage or pick them up from the soil.  They drink the same water we do, so excessive lead, copper, or chromium in the water makes them sick too. For heavy metal testing we’ll need 100 grams or 3.5 oz of food.

If your pet had food poisoning we can test any remaining food for Salmonella, E. coli/coliforms & Listeria in one panel.  We can also test for a specific bacteria individually.

Can you test pet hair?

Yes!  We can test pet hair for all the same substances that we can test human hair for. We’ll need a sample the diameter of a pencil for most tests.  You’ll be sent a sample collection kit just like the human hair tests.

You can order the testing here.  Simply indicate in your notes when you order that you are submitting pet hair.

How do I send the sample?

Put food and/or water samples in a leak proof container.  If it’s a food item you would refrigerate at home, you should ship using a chill pack. This is especially important if you are wanting a bacteria test.  It’s OK to freeze the food for at least 24 hours before you ship. Hair needs to be collected in the same way as human hair. We’ll send you a collection kit when you order.  Check out the collection instructions here.  

Can my results be used in court?

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Customer Testimonials

Just a quick thank you to the staff at Private Lab Results for potentially saving countless dogs from pet poisoning. Several of my neighbors and I walk our dogs at our local dog park and we found several raw hot dogs in the dog park. Luckily none of the dogs ate any of the hot dogs because the lab results showed the hot dogs had been spiked with antifreeze. I’ll never understand why someone would do this, however this test allowed us to email everyone in our neighborhood that someone was trying to poison our pets and we never found food again!

Jake B.

My neighbors had been complaining about my dog barking. When my dog got very sick and I suspected they had done something.  The police wouldn’t do anything without proof. So  I began keeping an eye on the yard and found bits of food that they were throwing over the fence.  I had it tested and it came back positive for a weed killer.  Finally the police would listen to me!

Paula K.

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