Pet Food and Water Tests


    Do you believe your pet was poisoned?   Did something in your pet’s food or water make them sick?  We can test all types of cat or dog food for poisons, chemicals, heavy metals, or bacteria with our pet poisoning tests.

    If you don’t have the food or water anymore, we can test pet hair for signs of chronic poisoning.

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    How It Works

    We can test any type of sample. Just package carefully, print and fill out the Sample Submission Form and ship it to us. You can place your order below, or send payment with your sample. 

    Poison in Your Pet's Water?

    Do You Think Someone Put Something in Your Pet’s Water?

    Get Answers in 8-10 Business Days

    Test Looks for Thousands of Chemicals & Toxins



    Poison in Pet Food

    Do You Believe Someone Put Poison in Your Pet’s Food?

    Did They Eat Something With Poison in It?

    Test for Thousands of Chemicals & Toxins

    Results in 8-10 Business Days




    Bacteria in Pet Food

    Did Dangerous Bacteria Make Your Pet Sick?

    Test for Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli

    Get Results in 8-10 Business Days




    Test Pet Hair for Poison

    Don’t Have the Food or Water Anymore?

    You Can Test Pet Hair for Signs of Chronic Poisoning

    Test for Thousands of Chemicals & Poisons

    Get Results in 8-10 Business Days




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    Customer Testimonials
    Just a quick thank you to the staff at Private Lab Results for potentially saving countless dogs from pet poisoning. Several of my neighbors and I walk our dogs at our local dog park and we found several raw hot dogs in the dog park. Luckily none of the dogs ate any of the hot dogs because the lab results showed the hot dogs had been spiked with antifreeze. I’ll never understand why someone would do this, however this test allowed us to email everyone in our neighborhood that someone was trying to poison our pets and we never found food again!
    Jake B.

    My neighbors had been complaining about my dog barking. When my dog got very sick and I suspected they had done something.  The police wouldn’t do anything without proof. So  I began keeping an eye on the yard and found bits of food that they were throwing over the fence.  I had it tested and it came back positive for a weed killer.  Finally the police would listen to me!
    Paula K.

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    Private Lab Results offers a wide menu of testing services that include: infidelity tests, testing hair for date rape drugs, food and water tests for poison, drugs, bacteria, or chemicals, and cremated remains testing.  All our tests are performed by certified labs with years of experience. We understand your need for privacy and discretion, so you need only provide us as much personal information as you are comfortable. Test results can be sent by email, phone, or mail–whatever works best for you. 

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