Semen Detection Test

Have you found a suspicious stain? Our semen detection infidelity test can get you the reliable answers you need. We can detect semen on clothing, bedding, tissues, towels, feminine products and more. Results in 5-7 business days


A Sample Submission Form is required with submission, please see instructions below!

Is semen present on an item? Get reliable answers in 5-7 business days.

Our conclusive, laboratory test is the only semen detection test available that does not cross react with any other substances.

This is not a DNA test--it's a positive/negative test for semen that works even if he's had a vasectomy.

Mark and package your sample, fill out the Sample Submission Form and ship everything to us.

We accept payment via PayPal, credit card, check, or money order.  We will not begin testing without a signed Sample Submission form. If paying online, the cardholder must sign the Sample Submission form.

WE DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO YOUR HOME. This is not a home test kit.

If you'd like the item returned, please add the return option at checkout.

Pricing is per sample.  If you have three or more samples you'd like tested, contact us for your discount code.

Additional information

Where do I ship?

Ship to: Private Lab Results, 743 Gold Hill Pl S #67, Woodland Park CO 80863


Any item you think has semen on it – clothing, towels, sheets, tissues, sanitary pads – we can test almost anything.

This is a semen detection test only. It does not tell you if DNA is present.

Can I get it returned?

Sure. If you indicate you want the item returned, we\'ll test it in such a way that there is no damage to the item.

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