Test for the Presence of Blood


$95 per sample tested



Wonder if a stain contains blood?  Now you can find out in 8-10 business days with our conclusive test

Detects as little as one microgram of blood

The process is simple:

1)Mark and package your sample. We do not ship anything to your home.  Click here for instructions for packaging and shipping your sample

2) Print and fill out the Sample Submission Form. This form must be signed and returned with your sample before testing can begin.

3) Get your results.  We can email, phone, or mail them to you.

Can’t send the item you want tested?  Check here for instructions to send a swab

We accept payment via Paypal, credit card, check, or money order

Don’t want to put your credit card info online?  Print the Credit Card Payment Form and send with your samples

If you’d like the item returned, please add the return option at checkout


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