• Are you concerned your water is contaminated by fracking chemicals?  

  • Do you live near an oil or gas drilling site?

  • Are you an oil, gas, or fracking worker and think you have been exposed to dangerous levels of the chemicals used in fracking?

We Offer Several Tests That Can Help:     

Testing water for heavy metals, fracking chemicals, and more for only $175!

Our company offers one of the most economical, fastest, and thorough water tests in the industry. Our lab can test for over 238 pollutants like heavy metals, fracking chemicals, and other contaminants that are commonly used in the oil and gas drilling and  agricultural industries. All for $175 — and we can have the results to you in 8 business days.

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fracking contaminates drinking water

Fracking: Testing for benzene using hair or nails

Oil and gas workers are routinely exposed to benzene, which is a colorless gas that’s been proven to cause leukemia and other blood disorders. Long term exposure damages the bone marrow, inhibits red blood cell production, and causes anemia and excessive bleeding. Private Lab Results is one of the few laboratories in the world that offers testing specific to the fracking industry. By simply supplying a small hair or nail sample our lab can test to see if you’ve been exposed to dangerous levels of benzene. We’ll send you a collection kit and instructions.