Merry Cheatmas!  The holidays are the peak time of year for having an affair.  One in three cases of infidelity happens between December 1 and Christmas.   The holidays are supposed to be full of family, friends, and holiday cheer.  So why do more people cheat during the holidays?

Holiday parties seem to be a big factor.  57% of people who cheat during the holidays do it with a co-worker.   Since office parties are notorious for alcohol induced behavior, this probably isn’t much of a shock.    What may be surprising however, is that almost half of these affairs continue long after the tinsel is gone.  Since statistics show that most office party affairs go undiscovered, this may cause the cheaters to believe they can keep getting away with it. Why do people cheat during the holidays?

Christmas is also a time of year that many people start taking stock of their lives.  They look back over the past year and forward to the next.  Do they want to spend another year with the same person?  Feelings of neglect, emotional distance, or just plain boredom can become heightened by the season.  An affair is often the way some people choose to end their relationships.  Getting caught is the goal, because if forces the burden of ending the relationship on to the other person. This could explain why divorces peak in March.

The holidays can heighten feelings of unhappiness.  The stress of family obligations, kids, work, and finances all become too much for some.  Trying to keep a relationship going sometimes tips the balance and a quick affair can be a release from the pressure.

While you can never completely cheat proof a relationship, good communication is the key to keeping it healthy and infidelity free.  Talk to your partner about your feelings and be open to listening to theirs.  Try and schedule some alone time together.   Create holiday traditions you both enjoy and look forward to. Doing this can benefit your relationship during the holidays and all year long.

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