A woman poisons her entire family and is facing prison. According to authorities, Diane Staudte, age 51, of Springfield, Missouri confessed to poisoning three family members with anti-freeze. The Springfield, Missouri native confessed to murdering her husband, son, and daughter Sarah by spiking their drinks with anti-freeze. Diane admitted to investigators that she killed her husband out of hate and her 26 year old son because he was pest. Diane’s daughter remains in serious condition. She was poisoned because she had student loans and wouldn’t get a job.

    Diane Rachel Staudte antifreeze murder

    Springfield News Leader

    The Medical Examiner ruled initially that Diane Staudte’s husband passed away from natural causes and that her son’s death was a result of past medical issues. A tip encouraged the police to review the case again after the hospitalization of the daughter. Springfield, Missouri doctors told investigators that the daughter’s symptoms were suspicious and that they suspected poisoning. Diane’s daughter, Sarah Staudte, is expected to live but will have permanent damage. Diane Staudte has been charged and is being held without bond.

    Updated: January 24, 2018

    Sarah Staudte survived the poisoning but suffered severe neurological damage. She had to relearn how to walk and talk. When Sarah found out the news from police that her mother and sister were responsible for her hospitalization and the murders of her dad and brother, she was both shocked and upset.  She had previously suspected that her mother was planning to kill her after reading her journal. “She had this journal that she wrote … her thoughts. She wrote the deaths of Shaun, my brother, and me. And that’s what worried me … I was shocked,” Sarah Staudte told ABC’s “20/20” in 2016 interview. She also said that when she confronted her mother Diane about the journal entry predicting her death, her mother told her she wasn’t going to die and to not read her journal again.

    On January 20, 2016, Diane Staudte pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree murder in the death of her husband and one count of first-degree assault in the poisoning of her daughter, Sarah. Pursuant to the plea deal she avoided the death penalty, but was sentenced to spend the rest of her life behind bars. In May 2015, Rachel Staudte pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder and one count of first-degree assault. She agreed to testify against her mother in the event her case went to trial. The judge sentenced the 25-year-old to two life prison terms plus twenty years. Under the terms of this sentence, she wouldn’t be eligible for parole until she served 42 years.

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