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Infidelity Tests

Is Your Partner Having an Affair?

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Food Tests

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

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Water Tests

Is There Something in Your Water?

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Cremation Tests

Do You Have Questions?

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Pet Poisoning

Do You Believe Your Pet Was Poisoned?

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Hair Tests

Test for Drugs, Chemicals or Metals

Testing From the Privacy of Your Home

Private Lab Results is here to bring you the highest quality lab testing services you can order from the privacy of your home.  We offer a broad array of testing services that include infidelity, food, water, DNA, hair, and cremated remains testing. Your results are sent directly to you in the privacy of your own home. When you need answers to difficult questions, we are here to help.


Our Labs

Don’t risk your results to poor quality testing. We only work with the best in the business. Our DNA lab uses state of the art testing equipment that reduces risk of contamination and human error while still allowing for fast turnaround. We only use accredited testing facilities that have undergone rigorous review of their facilities and testing procedures. Our labs are reviewed and re-inspected annually to assure they are maintaining the highest quality standards using the best equipment. Our labs are staffed with DNA experts and have over thirty years of experience in forensic testing, working strictly within DNA Advisory Board guidelines. They are AABB, A2LA, CAP, and ISO certified. Our drug testing and chemical testing lab is a forensic lab, certified and accredited by numerous agencies including the DEA, Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, Medical Review Officer Certification Council and the College of American Pathology, assuring you receive only the highest standards of testing quality.

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lab testing for date rape drugs, evidence of poisoning in pets, infidelity semen detection, cremated remains (ashes) for trace amounts of DNA and Poisons or Toxins

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Private Lab Results brings you the highest quality testing services you can order from the privacy of your home. We bring together a broad array of testing services that include testing food, water, DNA, and cremains. All our testing is done by certified labs with years of experience. Moreover, we understand your need for privacy and discretion. You need only provide us as much personal information as you are comfortable. Test results can be sent by email, phone, or mail–whatever works best for you.